How To Check for Understanding and Respond Easily

How To Check for Understanding and Respond Easily - English, Just Guided

Instead of gaining other’s attention only, a student should practice checking understanding expressions too. Checking understanding in speaking English is simple oral language but effective to minimize self-regulated learning habit that can lead to mediocre level. Let’s say, in presenting a procedure text, a student can utilize a number of checking understanding expressions to boost other classmates’ level of mastering ‘how to’ topic. Really? Yes.

First, Checking Understanding Can Help Students To Improve Their Mastery Level.

It is the perfect time to be good teacher. Let the student himself gives a number of effective ask questions and checks reponses to his classmates after procedure text presentation. The presentation is easily made by a student who explains how people perform how to make something in a sequence of steps. Here, we only share some basic of oral language for checking understanding, showing understanding and showing misunderstanding.

These expressions can be modified by student with other ‘follow up’ informative questions to connect ‘how to’ material with other students’ prior knowledge. Of couse, students can be guided to learn for self-monitoring and to justify their answers. In addition, practicing checking understanding expressions in presentation can take role as a ‘catalyst’ to promote teamwork in presentation. The higher participation causes students can improve his learning ability. Checking understanding is so beneficial, isn’t it?

Second, Study Checking Understanding and Its Responses Completely.

In practice, checking understanding is not only for a simple presentation but also like a complement after giving information or opinion. Student can place these interrogative questions behind his informative sentence or opinion. For examples :

  • Well. These are some steps to make tea if you write into a procedure text from the first step until last. Are you following me?
  • Eating apple daily can reduce our cholesterol level. Apple also reduces the build up of bacteria. Are you with me so far?
  • You should practice your English instead of just memorizing its grammar. Do you understand what I mean?
  • It is a gardening tool set. This practical tool is used for gardening. Do you know what I’m talking about?

If you are a student who is learning English as foreign language, complete your speaking knowledege. Here is a number of expressions of checking understanding, showing understanding and showing misunderstanding in conclusion. Showing understanding and misunderstanding are used to respond checking understanding. All expressions are easy to practice. Read the following expressions below.

Checking UnderstandingShowing UnderstandingShowing Misunderstanding
Are you with me?I see.I’m sorry. I don’t understand.
Any question?I know.I’m not following you.
Are you with me so far?I hear.I’m not sure I get your point.
Are you following me?I get it.I don’t get it.
Does that make any sense?I understand what you‘re saying.I’m not sure I know what you mean.
Do you understand what I’m saying?I hear what you’re saying.I beg your pardon. I don’t quite understand.
Do you know what I’m talking about?I understand.I don’t follow you.
Do you know what I mean?

Third, Practice To Check for Understanding and Respond.

We have posted you a number of simple, effective, and free Checking Understanding and Its Responses. You should practice these to take your classmates’ background knowledge into the classroom so that they understand the ‘how to’ material, information or opinion you share in front of the class or other future events. Always get in touch.

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