Students Must Own These 5 Cute Videos To Describe House in Short

Students Must Own These 5 Cute Videos To Describe House in Short - English, Just Guided

One of the details of a short descriptive text about a house is the rooms of the house itself. At the very least, after identifying a house in the first paragraph, the writer will detail the house object that is prevalent in the room, describe the location of the object and the impression of the room. This article helps students who learn English as a foreign language to imagine and remember a number of house objects in English ranging from dining rooms to the kitchen. Checkout our 5 cute videos of house objects on twitter.

First, House Objects in Kitchen.

I usually write in the kitchen although it is not right place. Kitchen is where you preparing food for yourself or family. Here you can mix chocolate cake ingredients in order to make chocolate cake. After baking 30 – 50 minutes, placing on the wire rack, you can frost the chocolate cake in a fridge. Kitchen does not have only a fridge , but also oven, stove and some more as seen on the video. Since it was published, this video had been watched 156 times. Thanks for 37 likes and 6 re-tweets.

Second, House Objects in Bathroom.

Every time someone goes to bathroom. Today bathroom is not only designed to get a shower or take a bath but also to read and write. An ideal bathroom has shower, sink, towel and a number of things that you find on the video. This video gets 246 views. A lot of thanks for 24 likes and 6 re-tweets.

Third, House Objects in Living Room.

Living room is a part of a house used for relaxing or entertaining. You can entertain your guests, dance around or watch on mobile phone every world event in every part of the planet broadcast straight while having a cup of tea or coffee inside. The room is also called a lounge room in Australian English or sitting room in British English. There are sofa, coffee table, rug and some more you can find on the video. Since it was published, this video had been watched 249 times. Wow… 22 likes and 6 re-tweets.

Fourth, House Objects in Bedroom.

If you have no activity, sitting on a bed and listening music is a good idea. This place where people sleep mainly has a bed, pillow, bolster and cupboard to hold clothes in. Sleeping with a mobile phone next to bed is not good idea. This video gets 297 views. Thank You Very Much for 37 likes, 13 re-tweets and 15 people are talking about this. This is amazing.

Fifth, House Objects in Dining Room.

You can sit on a chair around dining room table for having lunch after school or dinner after studying and preparing lesson tomorrow. Normally a good conversation in a family become very heated in that room. Writing a greeting card for someone you love is fascinating too. Of course, there are some chairs, table, fresh fruit and vegetable picture and some house objects inside. This video gets 335 views. Many thanks for 23 likes and 10 re-tweets.

Sixth, Know House Objects is NOT Enough.

Just to know house objects is not enough to write a short descriptive text about a house. Understand Prepositions of place, There is and There are Pattern and a number of some adjectives to modify house, room and house objects are good assists for future writing short descriptive text about house. We are going to discuss later.

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