3 Simple Ways to Write a Greeting Card at Ease

3 Simple Ways to Write a Greeting Card at Ease – English, Just Guided

Hi students, have you written and sent a happy birthday card or a congratulation card to someone special for you.  Happy birthday card, congratulation and condolence are some of greeting cards. The greeting cards are written down to show how you feel positively to someone. If you feel the greeting cards are not easy to write, read this how you can write them at your fingertips.

First, Understand Why Write A Greeting Card

Writing a happy birthday card and sending well-wishes to someone on her birthday celebration is a representation that ‘a man is not an island’. It is not whether a glamour celebration, it is whether love and appreciation gained each other in human relationship. Not only you become happy to love writing but also people who receive your path way to greet feel cared for. Your relationship is getting closer as bonus. 

Greeting cards are written down to show how we feel to someone in a special situation, not only birthday that is celebrated but also anniversary, engagement, wedding, new baby, new home, new job, even retirement.You can express how sentimental you are to someone by writing apology, thank you, get well even think of you. You can also write and share a greeting card to participate in national days or international on twitter.

Second, Remember the Structure and Linguistic Elements of a Greeting Card.

Students in Indonesia also learn to write short and simple greetings cards. This learning material is given with the intention that students can apply their shutter of concrete and abstract by focusing correct social function, text structure, and linguistic elements in context. The structure of a greeting card is not difficult to learn. It includes the moment or day of the event identified, special expressions relevant to the event identified, pictures, decoration and color composition included.

Watch the video and you can conclude a greeting card must be clear, shorter, polite, meaningful, and hopeful completed with sender and recipient. Greeting card has its own interesting linguistic elements. It has specific common expressions that describe a person’s feelings or how sentimental you are to someone. Consider some common expressions used in writing the greeting card.

  • Eid is coming soon, so I wish you a very Happy Eid. May this special day brings You peace, happiness and prosperity. Happy Eid Mubarak.
  • We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New year
  • May this Christmas brings you a lot of joy.
  • Best Mom Ever. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Congratulation. You have bought a new car.
  • I hope you get well soon.
  • Thanks for visiting my Dad during in Covid pandemic.
  • There is saying ‘When a mistaken turn forgiveness’.
  • May the good times and treasures of present become the your golden memories of tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Third, Practice Writing Greeting Cards.

Here are some examples of Greeting Card you may practice. You can start easily by writing Happy Birthday Card. A birthday card is written to congratulate someone who is having a birthday. In the card you expect someone to get long life and positive things will always be with her throughout the life. Example :

Example of Happy Birthday Card

If it is necessary, write a Congratulation Card to congratulate your friend’s success moment. Write the card with a hope that what is achieved becomes a stepping stone to her future success. Example :

To: Anderson

Congratulation. You have bought a new car. I hope you will feel more enjoyable.


Write a Thank You Card If a friend has helped you. Of course this will be very meaningful for him if he feels you appreciate his good service in your difficult times. Example :

To: Anderson

I am very glad. My Dad is getting better. Thanks for visiting my Dad during in medical treatment. Also thanks for prayers and supports


You can also text a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year card to someone who is celebrating the New Year. Write your great wishes for her a year ahead. There are still many greeting cards you can write and send to someone. Write it to express how you feel positively to her in these path ways. Thanks for reading our last post and don’t forget to tell how happy you were to receive the card on the following comment session. Always get in touch.

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