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Completely Learn English Offline 2020 - English, Just Guided

English, Just Guided Is Helping Students To Learn English as Foreign Language on the Go, Free and Offline.

English, Just Guided or EJUG is your essential free offline English course 2020 – Helping students to learn English as foreign language with must practical English videos. Watch our video, check our whatsapp number, contact and get our interactive audiovisual media. By representing awesome real situations on the background, the media is created and designed to attract attention and focus to study English without internet connection. You can also watch and download our videos at EJUG Youtube English and print our articles, schedule your free time to open the videos downloaded, and of course, you as students can study English on the go without ads too.

Learning English with EJUG Will Create Your English Class Fun.

Watching English, Just Guided offline videos at Youtube makes your free English class fun. So many Thanks to this tube that can help you to learn English in speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary without making a noise to others who focus on learning other subjects indoor. Once more! We’re making your favorite English course video and we want you to watch our video, check our WhatsApp number, contact and get our interactive audiovisual media.

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Your Free Speaking Classes 2020 Begins HERE!

EJUG just guides you to learn English speaking at ease. You are expected to respond by reading Speaking and Listening posts. We provide speaking and listening video is completed on every post. Contact us to get our interactive audiovisual media for practicing speaking expressions in your daily life. Practice speaking English is truly beneficial. Let’s say, everyone who wants to get a good job in foreign company or want to be a great local guide has to prepare his English well. You needs good practice but it is free.

How To Ask for Attention and Respond in English

Sometimes it's hard to find a favorable sphere that helping us to tell people surround us something useful. A noisy classroom is an example of an unfavorable situation for a teacher conveying his teaching material to students. As usual he says, "Attention, please". What does he say something like that ...
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35 Interesting Alternatives To End a Conversation Instead of ‘ Good Bye’ or ‘Good Night’

Everyone who is learning English as foreign language should learn also the different ways to ‘say good bye’ between English British version and American. Just saying ‘Good bye’ sounds old fashionable and everyone has known saying ‘Good Night’ is like a nighttime lullaby. So, let’s try some interesting alternatives to ...
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Essential English grammar is made easy with animation.

Essential English grammar is made easy with animation. Learn English Grammar with Animation is Colorful and Fascinating. English, Just Guided is making you excited to learn English grammar with full of cool animation. Learn English Grammar must be shortened to avoid boring. Practice makes perfect.

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Sharp Your Skill to Write in English

If you prefer short words to write, EJUG is your right place to learn English writing and reading. Our mission is to sharp your skill to write in English. That’s why, we are preparing 22 indicators signaling you are able to write in English. You are not only guided to write grocery list but also you are expected to be able to write greeting cards, notice, warning, caution, labels, short message, letters, ads, announcement, invitation, poster, brochure, pamphlet, booklet, leaflet, flyer, descriptive, recount, procedure, report, and narrative texts.

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